There are four lindy hop tracks at the Oxford Swing Festival and a solo jazz track! Please choose the best for you based on your level, experience and desire! If you have questions about your level please ask one of our regular Oxford Lindy Hoppers teachers which is appropriate for you!


Book this track if you’re just getting to grips with the basics of dancing Lindy Hop but you’re already hooked! You’ve already encountered basic 6 count, 8 count and Charleston footwork and have experience of some of the staple moves of Lindy like the tuck turn and pass by and you may even have had a go at the swingout. This track is a springboard of fundamentals to launch you into Lindy awesomeness.


You’re confident with the basic Lindy footworks and can lead and follow a variety of moves and are ready for more. Book this track if you want to build on solid fundamentals and start thinking about rhythm, quality of movement and awesome lead-follow technique that will make every dance comfortable and fun for both you and your partner.


You have a solid grasp of Lindy footwork and vocabulary, can lead and/or follow a stretchy, linear swingout. You’re happy to experiment with variations and can adjust your dancing appropriately to different tempos, rhythms and styles of jazz music. You’re ready to look at some tricky advanced concepts to build on your solid fundamentals.


You can dance comfortably to a wide range of tempos with a wide range of partners. You’re an old hand at playing with musicality, rhythms and you’re learning to see beyond the moves and steps into the fundamental mechanics of the dance. Most importantly, you have what it takes to own your own learning and help those around you do the same.

Solo Jazz

You have some experience of solo jazz and can perform some of the classic jazz vocabulary found in routines like the Shim-Sham and the Tranky-Doo. You don’t need a partner to have a good time on the dance floor and you’re ready to learn some kick-ass improvisation technique and boss jazz moves!

Special: Mini Blues Track

If you were ever curious how to dance to Blues music, now is your chance! Running alongside our taster sessions across the weekend will be a four hour beginner Blues track open to all OSF attendees at no extra cost. No need to book, just drop into the Blues classes during the taster sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and get your groove on.