There are three lindy hop tracks at the Oxford Swing Festival and a solo jazz track! Please choose the best for you based on your level, experience and desire! If you have questions about your level please ask one of our regular Oxford Lindy Hoppers teachers which is appropriate for you!

Level 1: Beginner/Improver

You’ve just started your journey down the road to Lindy awesomeness! You are fairly comfortable with the basic 6 count, 8 count and Charleston footwork and can lead/follow a few basic moves. In this track we’ll build on fundamental moves and technique, boosting your confidence with them and linking them together so you can really have some fun!

Level 2: Intermediate

You know your 6 and 8 counts, your Lindy-Turns and Charleston, and you want more! You should be able to do your basic footwork at a variety of tempos without much concentration and be familiar with staple Lindy moves such as the Swing-out and Circle. This track will consolidate your basics and throw in must-have technique and new and exciting moves that you can bust out in a swing jam or perfect on the social floor!

Level 3: Intermediate/Advanced

You can comfortably execute a range of moves and footwork patterns at a variety of tempos, you’re happy to take a shot at dancing very fast or very slow and able to experiment with footwork variations and solo movement in your partner dancing. You’re ready to think about dancing in terms beyond moves and steps and itching to dive into advanced concepts that will take your connection, musicality and quality of movement to the next level!

Oxford Swing Festival 2017

Solo Track

The Solo Track focuses on dancing on your own. Solo jazz can be improvised and choreographed, and is as wonderfully rhythmical and playful as you can make it. It is a dance full of character and you have to add a bit of your personality to make it complete. Jazz steps (e.g. Susie Q, Shorty George, Boogies) are the foundation of routines such as the Shim Sham, Tranky Doo and the Big Apple. The Solo Track is aimed at dancers who are familiar with some of the basic jazz steps from the swing era and are eager to get a wider vocabulary and a bigger confidence in how to solo dance to jazz music.