There are four tracks at the Oxford Swing Festival based on your level and comfort when dancing Lindy Hop. If you have questions about your level please ask one of our regular Oxford Lindy Hoppers teachers which is appropriate for you.

Level 1: Beginner/Improver

This is the stepping stone to Lindy awesomeness! You have been dancing from 3 to 6 months and have an idea of the basics. In this track we’ll build on fundamental moves, boosting your confidence with both six count and eight count moves and linking them together so you can really have some fun!

Level 2: Intermediate

You know your 6 and 8 counts, your Lindy-Turns and Charleston, and you want more! Suitable for dancers that have 6 months to 2 years of experience, this will consolidate your basics and throw in new and exciting moves that you can bust out in a swing jam or perfect on the social floor.

Level 3: Intermediate/Advanced

You’ve been dancing for more than 2 years and boy, it’s fun! The tempo of songs is not an issue for you, slow or fast, and you know variations on basic moves and footwork. You want technique tips, advanced moves, and something to add that ‘wow’ factor in every dance !

Al Marshall and Maria at Swing Fix, Oxford